A-Frame Surfpodcast

May 2022


Welcome to the A-Frame Surfpodcast!

Together with exciting guests from the surf scene – whether sea dwellers or landlocked – Alexandra Schalaudek, Peter Rochel and Michael Zirlewagen talk about everything to do with the sport.

Kalina likes to travel a lot. She also likes to surround herself with open-minded and forward-looking people.

Already 10 years ago in surf camps, she realised that such communities are a great thing, especially if they are not just communities of purpose.
However, Kalina rightly has high expectations, so without further ado – as one does as a professional computer scientist – she drew up a list of requirements that these residential communities must fulfil.

She searched the internet for communes and set off on her journey. Ingenious. And it is precisely about this journey and her experiences that she talks to Michael. And: What exactly is permaculture? Why do people build ships on the mountain? You can find the answers here!

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A-Frame Surfpodcast

We talk to exciting personalities from surfing: Surfing, Rapid Surf, SUP and Foilsurfing. Every two weeks on Thursdays.

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