First Aid Training in St. Girons Plage

Regarding the German Championship 2019 in St. Girons Plage a training from the DWV in reanimation and wound treatment took place, simultaneously with the week of reanimation „ein Leben retten. 100 pro Reanimation“.

The Layday Surfclub, sponsored by us, donated enough money – cha-ching! – to help purchase 5 new reanimation puppets for the medicine committee of the DWV.

The helpers of the DM were schooled in reanimation and wound treatment under the lead of Dr. Francis Reimer and Dr. Christina Wende. Karl Burr taught about the sport physiotherapeutical aspects of hyper-/hypothermia and first aid in these cases. Our brains were filled, bananas stitched, puppets reanimated. That’s hot! Or cool, however you want.

Thanks to our experts, participants and to Annette Flavia Matt for these great pictures! Stay healthy.

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