layday layday is an „idea inspired by surfing“ and embodies a way of life, the calm behind a line-up, the simple pleasure of the healthy and simply beautiful things in life. This emotion results in products made with love, with sense and purpose.

We extend said product palette for a layday with our partnerships and activities that are good for body and soul: healthy, delicious food, fitness items made from cork, biological vegan massage oils and funky upcycling products.


always hungry – Peggy Lex

always hungry

I’m Peggy … and always hungry. Literally. Because of that I do what makes me happy: eat and prepare food. 

For me eating isn’t just a thing to satisfy my appetite, but to enjoy every meal, explore new ingredients and ways of cooking and – most of all – to eat conscious and healthy, and do something good for one’s body. Nature allows us so many culinary possibilities, so don’t worry – everything here is made with love, pleasure and without artificial knickknacks. At mine everything is homemade and almost always vegetarian. 

Eating connects – so get inspired and let’s eat together!


Surfphysiotherapy – Karl Burr


Hello! My name is Karl Burr. Through my work as president of the layday Surfclub e.V., as an IsA judge and physiotherapist for the Deutscher Wellenreitverband I came in contact with layday layday. 

layday layday is more than just a brand for me. layday layday stands for way of living, team spirit, friendship and support. And of course: high quality products.

In my cooperation with layday layday we created several products with physiotherapeutic use. Point Break, Barrel Roll and The Rock give you support while and after working out. Our massage oils, 100% vegan and bio, unwind and vitalize your body and soul!


laydaylayday products transfer the waves into your daily live and unite surfing, physical health and feel-good moments. So that everyday becomes a layday –and a great day!