What do „The Rock“, „Barrel Roll“ and „Point Break“ have in common? They’re made out of cork! For good reason. ​

Cork is an easy to care for and hygienic material with a non-slip and skin-friendly surface. Our durable products can be cleaned with hot water or be scrubbed anytime. Even several cleansings do not harm the material or surface.

Grown in Portugal our cork is harvested sustainable and ecological and then sterilized with hot air. Everything without chemicals or toxins!

These steps transform our products into unique natural tools – and they’re vegan as well!

To sum it up for you, some quick info about our cork products:

  • hygienic, simply wipe off with water
  • Cork grown and processed in Portugal
  • sustainable, ecological harvest
  • unique natural product
  • vegan, small & handy
  • non-slip, skin-friendly surface
  • PETA-Certificate
  • FSC®-Certificate