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What is a lay day?

What is a lay day?

If you like surfing, you’ve probably heard the term “lay day”. The term refers to a day when surfers are unable to surf due to unfavourable conditions such as lack of swell or bad weather. However, a lay day can also be a great opportunity to do other activities and explore the local culture.

Frequently Asked Questions

Origin of the term "lay day" in surfing:

In surfing, the term “lay day” refers to a day when conditions are not optimal for surfing. For example, strong winds, lulls or unpredictable weather can prevent surfers from getting on their boards.

However, instead of spending the day in the hotel or on the couch, you can take the opportunity to explore the surroundings or try other activities.

What can you do on a lay day?

  • Explore the local culture:Take time to explore the city or area where you surf. Visit museums, art galleries or local markets. Taste local cuisine and learn about local history and culture.
  • Go for a hike: If the waves aren’t surfable, you can take the opportunity to hike in the area. Many beaches have spectacular hiking trails with breathtaking views to explore.

  • Explore other water sports: Just because conditions aren’t ideal for surfing doesn’t mean you should avoid the water. Try other water sports like stand-up paddling or kayaking.

  • Practise your surfing skills: Use the lay day to improve your surfing skills. Visit an indoor surf school!

Do lay days also exist outside of surfing?

Of course! It’s good to incorporate some lay days in your daily life as well. Wether it’s a scheduled day off or an unexpected break, be sure to enjoy your time off. 

If you’re in need of some rest and relaxation, a lay day is the perfect opportunity to pamper yourself. Here are some ideas for how to treat yourself:

  • take a yoga class (make sure to bring our trusty Yoga-Block The Rock with you!)
  • book a spa day or treat yourself at home with a massage with our body oils 
  • spend some time in nature, Bagster will hold all your necessities

A lay day is a great opportunity to catch up with friends and family. Here are some ideas for how to spend time with your loved ones:

  • plan a brunch or dinner date with friends
  • go on a day trip
  • have a movie or game night with your family
  • organize a potluck or BBQ with friends and family

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