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Why upcylce ripstop fabric from discarded paragliders?

Ripstop fabric from discarded paragliders: upcycling and material advantages

The need to make sustainable choices is increasing in our society. Eliminating disposable products, buying used or sustainably produced clothing, and using materials that can be reused are just a few ways to help save our environment. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ripstop fabric?

Ripstop is a term used for fabrics that are made using a special weaving technique and are extremely tear resistant. These fabrics are woven by incorporating thicker threads into the thinner fabric, with the distance between the threads usually being between 5 and 8 millimeters. This creates a noticeable “rake box” structure in the fabric. In older ripstop fabrics, these thicker threads protruded from the surface, but this is no longer as common in newer weaving techniques.

Where is ripstop fabric used?

  • paragliders
  • outdoor clothing
  • tents
  • backpacks

Why upcycle discarded paragliders from ripstop material?

Paragliders are made of ripstop material, which is robust and hard-wearing. However, when they are discarded, it is a shame to simply dispose of this material. Upcycling offers the opportunity to transform old paragliders into new and unique products while protecting the environment.

Are upcycled products made from paragliders durable?

Yes, products upcycled from discarded paragliders are usually very durable and long-lasting. The ripstop material is naturally robust and resistant to tears and damage. It’s also very light!

What does "upcycling" mean?

Upcycling is a process of creating something new and more valuable from old or used materials. The difference with recycling is that in upcycling the source material is not simply reused, but transformed into a higher value product.

When upcycling paragliders made of ripstop material, for example, bags, backpacks or even rain jackets can be produced.

Where do we get our discarded paragliders from?

Right now, we receive our discarded paragliders from the Flugschule Salzburg. Thanks for that!

Which of our products are made with ripstop fabric?

Right now, our Airy is made with discarded paragliders from the Flugschule Salzburg

The little bag is your ideal travel companion – it’s sustainable, light, durable, holds your necessities and comes in various colours. All hand-sewn, all unique.

Keep your eyes open for new upcycled products!


Upcycling discarded paragliders made from ripstop material is a creative and sustainable way to reuse old materials. By using robust ripstop material, long-lasting and hard-wearing products can be produced that benefit the environment.

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