layday e.V.

Jun 2019


Maybe we have to revise our statement from the last post: all good things DO come in threes. Whoops! Sometimes things need more time than one would think.

„Board Building: Episode Three“ is all about glassing. And only glassing. Because that was more exhausting than we thought. The whole board has to be covered in fibreglass, exact and bubble-free! Phew! But we don’t want the board to become saturated with water. So, let’s go for it!

Following the glassing, a hotcoat is painted on and later hardened with ultraviolet light. After that: grinding, grinding, grinding. Some might say we are grinding pros by now. Finishing the grinding, the day is almost finished as well. But… isn’t there something missing still?

Well, part 4/2 will be about the fin- and leash plug then…