layday news

Jun 2021


Attention please, we’ve got something for your ears only. And that something is A-Frame, your new favourite surf podcast. A-Frame consists of Alexandra Schalaudek – dubbing artist and actress, Peter Rochel – SUP-pioneer and innovation podcaster, both passionate surfers, and Micha. Who swapped skateboard against surfboards a few years and is in the Podcast as well.

Every two weeks you’ll get a new podcast episode full of relevant people and personalities of the surfer scene, new information and ways of thinking and – of course – a huge load of good mood. *sigh*

And the best: You don’t even have to wait since there are a few episodes available already! Everywhere where you’ll normally listen to podcasts you can find out more about Neele Koch, one of two permanent workers for the Deutscher Wellenreitverband and Marlon Lipke, „The Hulk“ and only German surfer who is able to almost qualify for the Olympic Games in Tokyo while being 37. Doesn’t that sound good?

We’ll hear from each other. Literally. Cheers!