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Jun 2023


As the wave situation unfortunately left something to be desired this year, the SURFERSWEEK 2023 was probably more of a SURFERSDAY and six LAYDAYS. But we didn’t let that impress us, because there was a lot to experience, even without big waves.

The SURFERSWEEK 2023, organised by wavetours and layday layday, is over. Between GERMAN OPEN and many other events, we look back on a day with small waves and a week full of emotion, fun and good vibes. We are already reminiscing and looking forward to SURFERSWEEK 2024! Do you also want to reminisce or take a closer look at the VIBE of SURFERSWEEK 2023? All pictures from the event are now available on the SURFERSWEEK Website!

From the beginning:

It all started on Saturday, 27.05.2023, when the first coaches rolled into the Belambra facility in Seignosse under sunny skies and 24 degrees Celsius, with surfboards and highly motivated guests on board! It is only the second edition of the SURFERSWEEK, but nevertheless: With exactly five participants more than last year, a record number of 1205 people were on site!

GERMAN OPEN – Longest contest day of a German surf event

One of the highlights of SURFERSWEEK, apart from all the evening events, was the GERMAN OPEN, the surf contest for the title of German Open Champ in the categories Open Women and Men.

But even though the forecast threw a spanner in the works, the contest team was not deterred, reacted as quick as a flash and decided to hold the 2nd GERMAN OPEN on the only day that at least promised a bit of waves, directly on Sunday. A big thank you to all the participants for delivering so spontaneously.

With surfers like Tim Elter, Arne Bergwinkel, Finn Springborn, Yvonne Hoffmann and Zoé Levit, the excitement was guaranteed despite mediocre conditions! Congratulations to Victoria Backhaus and Arne Bergwinkel, who won the contest in the evening at 20:30! All heat results can be found here.

From surf skating to surf yoga – What else was going on?

The good mood defied any wave conditions, because the SURFERSWEEK is so much more than the GERMAN OPEN! Those who were motivated to improve their surfing despite the conditions could take part in Kanoa’s surfskate training, and those who wanted to prepare a bit for the hopefully somewhat wavier season had the opportunity to get body and mind on the same wavelength at surfyoga with Zoé in the magic forest.

Also on the agenda was the Roundnet Tournament, with 128 participants, organised by the 1st Roundnet Club Cologne. After a somewhat unsettled weather forecast and rain, the finals finally took place in bright sunshine. Congratulations to all teams!

If you fancied a bit of second-hand shopping, you could drop by the surf flea market, where the SURFERSWEEK merch hoodies went faster than they could be replenished. (By the way: new hoodies and shirts have already been ordered and will soon be available here in the online shop).

For the people who wanted to take it a bit more relaxed in the evening and dream of the non-existent waves, the Movie Night with the Ocean Film Tour took place on Wednesday evening. To make a statement in terms of sustainability, the Surfrider Foundation and layday Surfclub e.V. organised a beach clean-up, where a total of eleven bags of plastic were collected from the beach.

SURFERSWEEK after sunset

At night, the event hall was transformed into a festival site!
It started with the old legends “Bluefunkt“, (those who have spent a few seasons in Moliets will surely know them from the L’Open), who did the honour of SURFERSWEEK once again after last year and ensured an exuberant atmosphere with well-known cover songs!

The evening was followed by Niko Schicketanz. Also for the second time at SURFERSWEEK, he looks back:

“I found it just as great this year as last year. The location is super schцn, the people are in a very good mood and as you can maybe hear a little bit in my voice, they are very good at shouting along and partying. It’s kind of the perfect mix of meeting and doing sports during the day and in the evening everyone is in each other’s arms and singing some 90s songs! Especially The Night of the Champs was totally awesome! I’ve never seen the hall so full at just after 12. It was a great party!”

The show continued with Juggernauts on Titan, who enchanted the audience like crazy.

“The show was really incredible for us! The crowd was so enthusiastic and carried us through the evening from the very first second. From self-made signs to mosh pits, everything was there. We won’t forget this evening in a hurry! Thank you to everyone who was there and also a huge thank you to the whole SURFERSWEEK team for making this great week possible.”

A very special guest was Solvane, who travelled with his family. David, aka Solvane, who usually DJs at festivals such as BURNING MAN, among others, absolutely swept the SURFERSWEEK crowd away.

“The atmosphere was awesome, I didn’t expect that at all. It is always special when you are surprised in such a positive way. There was a super cool vibe, very harmonious. Everyone was very supportive, even people you don’t know. I don’t usually know that from my everyday life, it was totally cool! A very grateful audience! I’m already looking forward to next year!”

Crowning finale with the Night of the Champs

The SURFERSWEEK ended with the Night of the Champs, where Kanoa surfboards were raffled off and the winners of the GERMAN OPEN and the Roundnet tournament were crowned.

We are looking forward to SURFERSWEEK 2024

Yaz, already at SURFERSWEEK for the second time, is happy:

“Nothing makes the flat-days more bearable than the good vibes, the relaxed people & sports on the beach. Beach raves, dancing into the night & skinny dipping in the Atlantic – unforgettable & already full of anticipation for Surfersweek 24!”

Jens Unger, one of the two organisers of SURFERSWEEK, is also excited:

“I think people have seen a clear improvement compared to last year, both organisationally and in terms of vibe and atmosphere. The whole team has grown together extremely well and it was totally awesome to work with everyone. They made sure that SURFERSWEEK is the way it is. I’m really happy with the whole thing! I think the stress, the sweat and all the work we put into it was more than worth it. We can build on that next year!”

Thanks also to all the guests who created an incredible atmosphere with beach raves and creative ideas such as a water slide race or a bungalow postman (who brought letters from bungalow to bungalow in a yellow shirt and with a trumpet). You can find all the pictures of the week online in the Event Highlights galleries on the website.

Cheers & see you next year!


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