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layday misc

Buch – Die Kunst des Shapens

by layday layday & Jan Eckhardt


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“From my side, an unconditional buy recommendation.” – Till Rudolph

Surfing is soul. When we’re floating in the ocean and chasing waves, we feel the elements as close and direct as it gets. A handmade board will enhance your surfing days and paddling out on a homemade board is the most fun!

With this book*, anyone can make the dream of a homemade surfboard come true. Or maybe you just want to understand how the many design elements of surfboards work and follow step by step how a board is built?

Regardless of whether you want to take up the plane yourself or prefer to ponder on the couch which board should be your next, everything you need to know is here.

*Please note: this book is only available in German!

  • 260 pages 
  • 20*24,5cm
  • safely packaged

Thanks to Jan Eckhardt, Peggy Lex, Jens Höper from wavetours and everyone else involved. We love you!

In December 2022, “Die Kunst des Shapens” was awarded the BERLINER TYPE SILVER Award at the “Berliner Type”, an international print competition.

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