Sustainability is more than just a trend - and very important.

We love the land, sea and everything in between, that much is obvious. Therefore we want to treat it as good as possible and give something in return for the countless hours we spent having fun in nature. All of our products are sustainably and certified produced and fairly traded, something we are very proud of. We offer you products that last for a long time and bring you continuous joy on laydays and on all the other days.

Our cork products like The Rock, Barrel Roll and Point Break are made from organic cork, our oils contain ingredients from certified organic agriculture – and are 100% vegan and biological. Free from synthetic fragrances, colors or preservatives and good for your body and the environment. All of our shirts are 100% organic ring-spun cotton and fairly produced. 

For our high-flyer „Airy“ we only use up cycled fabric from the Flugschule Salzburg’s discarded paragliders. The colors are vibrant, the fabric is robust – and the paraglider gets a new chance to travel with people, though air, by car, by bike or by foot!