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The CHALLENGER CLASSIC was a simple paraglider with excellent glide performance and a very efficient acceleration system.

The long braking distance and the superb passive safety as well as the good stability made this glider ideal for ascents.

Up for a challenge? The CHALLENGER definitely is. Whether in the sky or on land, it will guide you through life. Challenge accepted.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the Line Up bracelet made?

First, we sort through our fund of discarded paragliders, looking for lines with funky colour combinations. Then we begin to dismantle the paraglider and take it apart step by step while collection the material we need for our products. The lines get sorted by colour and enjoy a thorough spin in the washing machine. After they have dried, we braid them – and the Line Up bracelet is born! Handmade with love, handmade for you! 

Some facts about the CHALLENGER:

Here are some random facts – just for fun:

  • TYPE: 25
  • MIN/MAX TOTAL LOAD: min. 90 – 115 kg
  • SERIAL NO.: C292101347

What even is paragliding?

Paragliding is an adventure sport that involves flying through the air using a specially designed parachute called a paraglider. The pilot sits in a harness suspended from the paraglider and controls the flight by adjusting the wing’s shape and position.

Paragliding can be done in both solo and tandem modes, where an experienced pilot takes a passenger along. It is typically done from a high altitude location like a mountain, hill, or cliff, and the paraglider can stay in the air for hours, soaring and gliding with the wind currents.

Where do we get our discarded paragliders from?

Right now, we receive our discarded paragliders from the Flugschule Salzburg. Thanks for that!

What is a paraglider made of?

A paraglider consists of a canopy, lines and risers. The pilot needs a harness to sit in during the flight. The harness is attached to the two risers of the paraglider with one carabiner each.

What does "upcycling" mean?

Upcycling is a process of creating something new and more valuable from old or used materials. The difference with recycling is that in upcycling the source material is not simply reused, but transformed into a higher value product.

Which parts of the paraglider do we upcycle?

For now, we use the lines to create our Line Up bracelets and the ripstop material for our airy. Who knows what else the future will bring?

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