Soundwaves For Your Ears Only

There a several things to do on a layday. Lounge at the beach, go skating, cook with your friends, read a book. Or: do all of the above and listen to some podcasts! Whether you’d like to listen to interesting talks between surf aficionados or some groovy DJ sets, the A-Frame Surfpodcast and layday grooves will bring waves into your daily life. 

A-Frame Surfpodcast

You enjoy the sea, freedom and good waves – but there’s no surf trip in sight? Then let yourself be carried trough your layday by the A-Frame Surfpodcast.

Here Alexandra Schalaudek, Peter Rochel and Michael Zirlewagen talk about the really important things in life: surfing in all its aspects.
They take turns interviewing and talking with exciting guests – whether sea dwellers or landlocked – about surfing, rapid surfing, SUP, foilsurfing, wingfoiling, wakesurfing and everything in between. 

A surf podcast by passionate surfers, for passionate surfers – or those who’d like to be.

layday grooves

To make your laydays sound even better we invented layday grooves.

Our tracks are all made by different DJ’s. We worked out a color code so you can see the mood of the track before even listening to it.

This makes it really easy for you to find the right track matching your temper, like traffic lights. The color range starts from pink-red for more pugnacious tracks,  to green-blue for the laidback stuff.

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