On the Same Wavelength

layday layday is not only a brand, but a community and way of life. By meeting and connecting with other people, we are able to make new experiences and broaden our knowledge and enjoy life! And what better way to go through life by supporting the ones you value? You’re right. There is no better way!

Kalina Surfs

This is Kalina… and she’s happiest when surfing. As she’s from Berlin, she’s on the road to search for waves a lot and while traveling around, she has seen many different ways of living.
In her utopia, Kalina would live in a community full of people with deep connections to each other and nature, right at the beach. She has even found these magical places on holidays – but only for a week or two. Though in her mindset it is possible to find spaces like that in the real world. As she hasn’t found out how yet, she visits as many communities as possible to figure out a variety of lifestyles.
But not only is Kalina meeting all these interesting people around the world, she also loves to motivate anyone to approach life and see earth through different eyes.

Layday Surfclub e.V.

„There is no such thing as a Layday“ (Karl Burr) – But the Layday Surfclub e.V. really does exist and is dedicated to support surfing and SUP in Germany. The surfclub is divided in chapters – of course they all have their very own patches – so that surfers across Germany have easy access to the club.

Not only does one surf at the Layday Surfclub, cleaning beaches and building boards is also part of the program. What are you waiting for? Join the club!