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The SURFERSWEEK is Germany’s largest surf event in Seignosse, France. Over 1100 participants came to the coastal town of Seignosse for the first Surfersweek in June 2022 to meet up with other German surfers. Again this year, surfing enthusiasts can look forward to a terrific week, SURFERSWEEK 2023.

Frequently Asked Questions

What activities does the SURFERSWEEK offer?

Wavetours offers surf lessons, experienced surfers have the opportunity to prove their skills at the GERMAN OPEN. In addition to the surf contest, there are many other event highlights at SURFERSWEEK, such as an exciting roundnetting tournament, a surf flea market and surf skating. Yoga on the beach and beach volleyball are other activities on offer. In the evenings, talented DJs and live bands provide atmosphere and entertainment.

To sum it up:

Who are the organizers of the SURFERSWEEK?

The SURFERSWEEK is organized by Wavetours and layday layday. 

Jens (Wavetours) and Michael (layday layday) have known each other for many years through voluntary work in the board of the German Surfing Association. One thing led to another and SURFERSWEEK came into being.

The collaboration between Wavetours and Layday Layday unites the best of both worlds. As a seasoned travel organization and veteran coordinator of events and competitions, Wavetours possesses the know-how to transport participants to the picturesque camp in Seignosse in the most eco-friendly manner possible. Meanwhile, layday layday skillfully enlivens the moments before and after surfing sessions. One of those popular win-win-win situations.

Where does the SURFERSWEEK take place?

The SURFERSWEEK takes place in Seignosse, France

The Belambra bungalow complex offers a variety of accommodation, a pool, tennis courts, volleyball courts and opportunities for surf skating. The large skate park le Penon is only 2 km away and the complex is just a few steps from the beach. The perfect location for a superb surf holiday experience!

How do I get to participate?

It’s easy! Head over to the SURFERSWEEK website for additional info and booking. Better be quick! 


The SURFERSWEEK  is a perfect opportunity to get away from it all, meet new people and have an unforgettable time. The program offers the perfect balance between surfing, partying and relaxing and promises to be an unforgettable experience. Surfersweek 2023 offers everyone the opportunity to be there and make the most of their skills. All surfers and party lovers are invited to enjoy a week of surfing and life.

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