Let’s get digital & Surf Chapter of the Year 2020

Recruiting new members and wearing your cut-of really pays off. At least here. Back in 2019 the never-not-ambitious members of the Hamburg Chapter claimed their victory – and only got more dedicated. We reward members, who don’t rest on their laurels. Therefore, we proclaim solemnly: Hamburg is Chapter of the Year 2020! *applause* Gratulations to our friends up north! Even though the congratulations are only digital, they do come from the heart. 

Exactly like our digital general meeting with our members! We laughed, brainstormed for new ideas… but mostly, we were just happy to see the lovely and friendly faces of our allies again. #hearteyes

Thank you to all our members, friends, family, pets – to all of you, who have always supported us. Everything is better with you. Okay, enough of this sentimental fuss. We’re looking forward to another year with you, bye bye!

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